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Continuous Extrusion Machine

The continuous extrusion machine is designed for the production of flat copper wire, copper bars and other conductor products.

Main Parts
(1) Winding machine
Function: Rotates at high speed to release the coiled wire after it is produced.
Material: High quality steel.

(2) Rod Straightener and Cutter Unit
Function: Straightens and cuts the feeding rod. The base is a four door cabinet designed for holding the tooling and dies.
Material: High quality alloy steel.
Feature: Applies the pulling force of the extruder.

(3) Continuous Extrusion Machine
Part Model or Material Brand
Base 30mm Thickness Q345A Steel Self made
Stand 100mm Thickness Q345A Steel Self made
Main Shaft 42CrMo forging & fault detection Self made
Shoe Standing 40Cr forging steel Self made
Gear Box TX Series Planetary Tailong, Jiangsu
Main Motor Z4 Series DC Nanyang, Wuxi
Coupling 45# steel thermal refining Self made
Compress Cylinder 40Cr Steel refining Self made

(4) Cooling and Anti-Oxidation System
Function: Cooling for the tooling and products is applied separately. The system consists of 1 product cooling sink, 1 product cooling tank, and 1 tooling cooling tank.

(5) Drying, Measurement and Alarm system
Drying: Wipe drying and compressed air drying to remove water from the product surface to prevent product oxidization.
Length Measurement: Set to any expected length and any alteration in operation will set off an alarm.

(6) Take-Up Machine
Function: It applies both a tension and speed control mode. The winding tension and pitch can be adjusted and digitally displayed. The traverse direction can be changed both automatically and manually.

(7) Electric Control System

Part Model or Material Brand
DC Drive SSD590+ Parker
PLC S7-200 Series SIEMENS
Electrical Parts SCHNEIDER
Main Technical Parameter
Model F-CCE-250 F-CCE-300 F-CCE-300A F-CCE-350 F-CCE-400 F-CCE-500 F-CCE-630
Extrusion wheel dia.(mm) 250 300 300 350 400 500 630
Max. width (mm) 14 40 50 80 170 240 320
Section area (mm2) 5-50 10-200 10-250 600 2000 3800 6400
Productivity (kg/h) 160 480 620 860 1300 2000
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