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Multi-wire Drawing Machine

Our multi-wire drawing machine was designed to greatly increase production capacity compared to standard drawing equipment. The drawing line can draw up to 8 copper wires simultaneously. This efficiency increase is invaluable to high capacity wire producers.

Inlet diameter φ 2.0-φ 2.6 mm
Outlet diameter Φ 0.15-Φ 0.70 mm
Number of produced wires 8 x copper bare i.e. copper tinned(1 Levels, with 8 wires)
Drawing speed Max. 28 m/s
Drawing passes Max. 22
Drawing rings 100mm with 8 grooves, For separate and parallel wire guidance Material: tungsten carbide or zirconium oxide
Wire elongation 11 x 25% / 5 x 19.44 % /3 x 9.04% Adjustable and quick die change
Drawing dies φ max. 28mm alternatively φ = max. 25.4 mm max. 12 mm thickness
Compressed air supply 6 bar overpressure (7 x 105 Pa), water- and oil free
Bobbin DIN 630 ( Drawing will be provided by users)
Operation direction from left to right
Noise level < 85 dbA (Except for main motor)
Production efficiency 8 x φ 0.150mm at v = 28.0m/s
8 x φ 0.203 mm at v = 25.0m/s
8 x φ 0.250 mm at v = 23.0m/s
8 x φ 0.300 mm at v = 15.0m/s
8 x φ 0.400mm at v = 12.0m/s
Production efficiency for tinned wires at production speeds reduced by about 20%

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