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About Us

Far East (China) Group Limited. is a large scale enterprise that utilizes the latest technologies to manufacture professional grade metal casting equipment, wire drawing equipment, cable and wire production equipment and cable and wire products. Headquartered in Shanghai, we combine our research and production capabilities to make sure that all of our customers receive the best machinery available.

Our company employs senior engineers and other highly experienced technical workers throughout our 4 large manufacturing and processing centers. Our metal processing equipment production operation has been ISO9001 and CE certified.

Our Strengths:
1. Competitive pricing.
2. Timely after-sale services.
3. One time client review during the warranty period for free with the purpose of checking and maintaining the equipment.
4. Lifetime maintenance.
5. Timely goods delivery, complete spare parts supply.

Our company maintains good cooperative relationships with many domestic and international industry organizations. Our market covers Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia.

Honesty, Quality and Efficiency are the three things we promise.

Developing History

Founded in 2006, Far East (China) Group Limited has become a leader in the manufacturing of casting, wire and cable equipment. Through years of effort, we rank in the top class for quality and services provided in our industry in China. Our equipment has been installed in over 30 countries around the world.

Through a combination of experience, advanced research and feedback from clients we are in a constant cycle of upgrading and improving technology for our machines. By consulting our valued clients in the metal casting and cable industries, we are able to hear exactly what they need and can target the weaknesses and limitations of current technology. Our target is to support our customers in every way we can and provide them with the best equipment available.

Far East (China) Group Limited

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E-mail: info@fareastmachinery.com