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  • Our advanced processing facility is composed of several comprehensive workshops.

  • We introduced the double position flame cutting machine which can process large size metal plate. It realized the automation of the whole cutting process and improves cutting quality. This machine can cut through thick steel plates.

  • There are over 40 sets of machines in the machining workshop. A variety of components and molds are processed here.

  • The worker is welding the annealing machine steel frame of a large steel wire drawing machine.

  • The installation team is assembling a drawing machine.

  • Assembly of traction wheel of frame stranding machine

  • Assembly workshop: Because we manufacture the whole production line which includes several large machines, we have to install and debug the main machine and the components in the assembly workshop after they are assembled.

  • Our hydraulic drawing machine is used for drawing copper and other metal materials.

  • We have a 1000 m2 warehouse equipped with standard shelve for storage according to the classification. The warehouse contains our self-made hardware spare parts, purchased electronic components, as well as bearings, motors and so on.

  • The extrusion head is being fixed on the extruder in the extruder assembly area.

  • The finished product warehouse is used for storing the products waiting to be delivered.

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